András Jakab

András Jakab
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Director of Institute

Research Chair (MTA TK JTI)
Research Interests
  • Comparative Constitutional Reasoning
  • Hungarian Constitutional Law
  • EU Law
  • Legal Theory
  • Public International Law
Selected Publications
  • Constitutional Reasoning (special issue of the German Law Journal 2013/8, co-editor: Arthur Dyevre), available at
  • “Continuity with Deficiencies: The New Basic Law of Hungary” European Constitutional Law Review 2013/1. pp. 102-138 (co-author: Pál Sonnevend)
  • “Breaching Constitutional Law on Moral Grounds in the Fight against Terrorism. Implied Presuppositions and Proposed Solutions in the Discourse on ‘the Rule of Law vs. Terrorism’” International Journal of Constitutional Law 2011. pp. 58-78
  • Az új Alaptörvény keletkezése és gyakorlati következményei (The Birth of the New [Hungarian] Basic Law and Its Practical Consequences) (Budapest: HVG Orac 2011) pp. 379
  • “Seven Role Models of Legal Scholars” German Law Journal 2011/2. pp. 757-784
  • “Two Opposing Paradigms of Continental European Constitutional Thinking: Austria and Germany” International and Comparative Law Quarterly 2009. pp. 933-955
  • A magyar jogrendszer szerkezete (The Structure of the Hungarian Legal Order) (Budapest – Pécs: Dialóg Campus 2007) pp. 296
  • Az Alkotmány kommentárja (Commentary on the [Hungarian] Constitution) (Budapest: Századvég, 2nd expanded and modified edition 2009) vols I-II, pp. xlviii + 3007
  • The Transformation of the Hungarian Legal Order 1985-2005 (The Hague e.a.: Kluwer Law International 2007) (co-editors: Allan F. Tatham and Péter Takács) pp. 673
  • “Probleme der Stufenbaulehre. Das Scheitern des Ableitungsgedankens und die Aussichten der Reinen Rechtslehre” (Problems of the Stufenbaulehre. The Failure of the Idea of Derivation and the Perspectives of the Pure Theory of Law) Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (ARSP) 2005/3. pp. 333-365