The researchers of the HAS CSS Institute for Legal Studies stand in solidarity with the CEU

The Central European University provides access to the most remarkable foreign language library in Hungary: aside from the wide scope of books, it makes available an incredibly rich collection of professional journals and valuable databases to the readers . The law collection of the library is of particular importance to our Institute. Losing this collection would mean an irretrievable loss.

The CEU as a university represents an outstanding quality both in research and in higher education, which ensures its position amongst the world’s top universities (for instance in political sciences) and inspires other Hungarian research institutions in the field of social sciences and legal studies.

Many countries in our region would doubtlessly welcome the CEU, considering the financial advantage of its presence as well as the gain in prestige. But aside from the loss our research would suffer the responsibility, which we feel for our country, makes us think that it would be sorrowful if the positive effect of the CEU could not be enjoyed by Hungary any longer.


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