Veronika Czina

Veronika Czina
Download CV Junior Research Fellow (MTA TK JTI)
Research Interests
  • European integration, European neighborhood policy, European governance, The influence of small and big member states in the
Selected Publications

Veronika Czina, „Hungarian particularism in the EU – theoretical findings.” Profectus in Litteris vol. VII. 2015.

Veronika Czina, „The principles of loyalty, solidarity and equality in the EU and Hungarian particularism”. UACES 45th Annual Conference Paper, Deusto University Bilbao, 7-9 September 2015.

Veronika Czina, Book review: Andrew Williams – The ethos of Europe. Állam és Jogtudomány. vol. LVI. 2015. n.1. 109-108.

Veronika Czina, „The constitutional principles of the EU and Hungarian particularism in times of crisis”. ’Ever Challenged Union: Exploring Ways Out of the Crises’ UACES Student Forum Conference Paper, Queen’s University Belfast, 29-30 June 2015.

Veronika Czina, Teona Surmava: „The rise of populist and extremist parties in the European Union: the case of Hungary and Austria.” Project for Democratic Union Study. June 2015.

Veronika Czina, „Solidarity and Loyalty in the EU and Hungarian Particularism.” Volume of the Miskolc Doctoral Forum, 20 November 2014. 69-77.

Veronika Czina, „Small Member States as policy actors in the EU: defining a new strategy through the case of Hungary.” ‘New Horizons in European Studies’ UACES Student Forum Conference Paper, Aston University Birmingham, 24-25 April 2014.

Blogposts on the website of the HAS CSS Lendület HPOPs Research Group (From 1/2014).

Veronika Czina, „EU-Ukraine Relations after the 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine: The Road to Signing the Association Agreement.” CEU CENS EU Frontiers Student Paper Series. June 2013. 

Research Projects