Zsolt Ződi

Zsolt Ződi
Download CV Research Fellow (MTA TK JTI)
Research Interests

Theoretical aspects of legal research and legal databases

Reasoning with previous cases in Hungary;

Judge-made law in continental legal systems

Linguistic aspects of the legal process; applicability of text linguistics to legal texts

Re-use of public sector information in Hungary

Selected Publications
  1. Citations of Previous Decisions, and the Quality of Judicial Reasoning ACTA JURIDICA HUNGARICA: HUNGARIAN JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES 2015:(2-3) pp. 129-148. (2015)
  2. Analysis of Citation Patterns of Hungarian Judicial Decisions: Is Hungarian Legal System Really Converging to Case Laws?: Results of a Computer Based Citation Analysis of Hungarian Judicial Decisions; SSRN ELECTRONIC JOURNAL (SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH NETWORK) 2014:(0224) pp. 1-27. (2014)
  3. Search Engines and Legal Research STUDIA IURIDICA AUCTORITATE UNIVERSITATIS PECS PUBLICATA 144: pp. 245-264. (2010)
Research Projects
  1. OTKA 116979: Regulatory Issues of the Internet Intermediaries
  2. OTKA 12172: Linguistic aspects of fair trial. The impact of legal language on the fulfilment of access to justice
  3. Research funded by EC under „Transnational projects on promoting the quality of the national justice systems” - "Handle with care: assessing and designing methods for evaluation and development of the quality of justice"