The Person and Personhood in Law


During the research organized by the Institute we intend to analyze the concept on which the various national regimes are based, the extent of protection of the personality rights in criminal law, in media law, in constitutional law and in private law at the national and international level, as well as in EU law.

The following questions will be addressed in the course of the research: Are there differences in the methodology used by the different fields of law dealing with personality rights? Can these differences be found in foreign legal systems as well? What are the reasons for such differences? Do we have to think of a coherent concept of personhood and a coherent system of protection of personality rights or is it up to the different fields of law to define their own terminology and concepts based on which they provide protection? Does constitutional law play a fundamental role in such a common frame of reference? If the answer is positive, how should constitutional law describe the core of personality? Finally, is the law as such is capable of defining personality?

When analyzing the different branches of law, the participants will define what personhood and human dignity mean in their fields of research and what kinds of consequences such a definition has for the regulation of certain human rights.

In the scope of this project the Institute will host a conference and a workshop on Hungarian law, international law and EU law, and the collected papers will be edited and published by the Institute.

The organizers are: Attila Menyhárd and Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz