International conference: Constitutional interpretation in European populist regimes

   2019. december 5. 9:00 - 2019. december 6. 18:00


The conference focuses on the question whether European populist systems have developed new, specific constitutional theories, doctrines or methods, or whether their constitutional courts and other high courts continue to use the old, traditional interpretative tools in constitutional adjudication.  

The International Association of Constitutional Law Research Group on Constitutional Interpretation has recently been established to provide an effective framework for studying the theories and methods of constitutional interpretation. The Group aims at maintaining the research network of scholars whose fields of interest are closely connected to this subject-matter. The Institute for Legal Studies, Center for Social sciences provides an institutional framework for organizing the activities of this Group. 

The Conference is a Programme of the DEMOS H2020 project on Democratic Efficacy, the Varieties of Populism in Europe

Programme to be announced in September.

Call for Papers (deadline 31 July 2019)